Nastassja Riemermann (tsukikage85) wrote,
Nastassja Riemermann

Deleted my Facebook and Twitter, whig brings me back home. Long story short, I have to leave CHBL by April 23rd. Made a last-ditch appeal for leniency, which brought me from in unbearable pain to antisocial but tolerant. My brain is allowing itself denial until I receive a reply from Becca tomorrow. I just wish Chris weren't so... interactive? I just want to sulk, but he insists on communicating with me. Somehow that's one of the worst parts of the situation - imagining what he might think of me. I wanted to leave him a note when I left asking him to e-mail me in two years if we still remembered each other and he wanted to be friends, but every time something like this comes up and I'm bawling in my room like my first-born child suddenly died, I can only imagine him not wanting to touch that friendship with a ten-foot pole.

I'm so exhausted... And hungry, but eating would require leaving my room. I'll just have to have some peanut butter when everyone's asleep.

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