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Beginning a Klondike implementation

This is my first entry in a very long time. On the Jefferson bus back to Duluth after a weekend with R. Saw Deadpool a second time, which was fun. My new catch phrase is probably "Minimum effort..." Also got to meet B (who's temporarily living with R), and our second meeting seemed to go WAY better than our disastrous first meeting, which is good because I'll probably see her again at the LAN party next month.

Went to India Spice House with Allie yesterday. It was really nice to finally spend some one-on-one time with her outside of her giving me rides places. I really wanted to pay for her lunch (it was a buffet), since I haven't been able to be a big sister to her since walking her home from elementary school and occasionally babysitting, but she refused to let me, which actually really bothered me... I mean, to be fair her finances are probably way better than mine now that she has a full-time office job at the U, and I'm sure that was her reasoning, but it was also really important to me to do something for her.

Anyway, moving on from my griping about that, lunch itself was delicious, and being a buffet I could try tons of new food I'd never even heard of before. Buffets are definitely my preference when it comes to authentic food that I'm unfamiliar with, or really any food I'm unfamiliar with. That way I can freely experiment with my taste buds without worrying about wasting any food that it'll turn out I don't like. I just try a little bit of everything. Afterwards we went to a little bakery called Nothing Bundt Cakes, which literally sold nothing but bundt cakes in different sizes and flavors. They were giving samples of their turtle bundt cake, which was wonderfully moist, had just the perfect amount of caramel, and a delicious frosting (probably cream cheese), but I couldn't justify buying any of what they were selling. Of course as I'm writing this I'm rather hungry, and the topic is making me even more hungry...

R has me working on a programming project apart from any MOOCs I'm taking - working on a Klondike solitaire implementation using classes. So far I've managed to make a card class and a deck class. The card class has value, suit, visibility (face up or face down), and location attributes (i.e., it starts with its location being in the draw pile). It also have a flip method, for making a face-up card face-down or vice-versa. As for the deck class, it creates a deck of 52 cards of the appropriate value/suit combinations, all initially face-down, and I've implemented a shuffle method. (I also have __str__ methods for both classes.) I obviously have a long way to go, but I think my next step will be to set this project up on GitHub (or GitLab, since that's what R uses).

ADT (Adult Day Treatment) from 1 to 4 tomorrow, and I'll probably go grocery shopping some time after that, since I couldn't go today due to being in commute from the Twin Cities. I need to spend some time figuring out my priorities this week, since I manage to not complete Principles of Computing I again. I also desperately need to clean my room in hopes of finding my driver's permit which has been missing for a while, in addition to doing some work in Mint and submitting my paystub info to St. Louis (Anoka?) county so they can calculate how much rent I need to pay for January. Plus I stil have to do three years worth of taxes and find out my options for getting federal student loans before my 12 month rehabilitation plan is complete. That last part can wait until I catch up on my taxes, though, since I can't get any student aid without completing my FAFSA anyway.

I think I've babbled on enough for this particular entry. I hope to be back with another entry very soon, but I make no promises.
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