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Sprained Ankle Blues

Was near death in Habitica, and although I bought a health potion and did a couple super-simple dailies to get me out of the woods, I really need to give myself more of a health buffer so I can survive until I next level. (Well, survive without buying another health potion, anyway.) I pushed today's rollover to 9 am (usually it's at 3 am) to give myself plenty of time to catch up. SO! Let's get today's LJ entry taken care of (4.3/18.9 damage if I don't complete it). (Still, I'm pretty exhausted, so this entry definitely won't be exhaustive.)

So... What's been going on lately... Our washing machine was broken last week (it got fixed on Monday, a day earlier than was estimated), so on Sunday (2/28) one of the staff and I went to Endion to do laundry. Man, Endion 2 is special... Granted no-one lives there right now, but I can tell you now that if I had the opportunity to move there, I would say no without a thought. (Endion 2 is the only house in the company where there's no staff actually present in the house, though residents can go over to Endion 1 if they need help with something.) The worst part was that the dryer at Endion 2 is probably 40 years old, and covered in crud that made me not even want to touch it. I should have known from how old it was that it would need to run a lot longer than a machine from this decade would, but when staff was done doing laundry at Endion 1 (I only had one load to do), I went to get my laundry out of the Endion 2 dryer and it was still somewhat damp. It wasn't that big of a deal since it's not like it was fresh out of the washer, and the dryer at Heights was working just fine, but I still felt stupid for not bothering to check it in the time I was waiting for staff to finish the laundry he was doing.

Finally we headed out to the van, and my hands were full with my laundry hampers, my vision impeded, and... I twisted my left ankle (I believe it's the same one I sprained really badly almost exactly two years ago when I was living at CHBL). Thankfully the sprain was relatively mild, and I was walking normally on it by Wednesday, but not having an ACE bandage anywhere in the house sucked. (I swear I used to own at least two - what happened to them?) At least I was able to get rides any time I would have had to walk more than a block, and Ineke was perfectly willing to let me stay downstairs and stick to loading/unloading the machines and folding. Unfortunately my ankle is still tender to the touch, and hurts a bit when I stretch it. I also seem to be getting referred (or some kind of) pain in my knee, which is annoying. I sent a message to my GP asking if the tenderness is normal (didn't mention the knee), or if I should have my foot looked at in case it's more than a sprain and needs some sort of intervention, but she probably won't get back to me until Monday afternoon.

Made it to all my appointments this week, and with the exception of two cases where it was out of my control, was on time to all the appointments as well. Yay, me! Hopefully I'll be able to keep that going next week.

Been spending a lot of time reading Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. (Typing that reminded me that I needed to update some information on that book on Goodreads, which I literally just did.) Finally got past the groundwork chapters, which were 95% review for me, and now I've gotten to some of the actual projects. Really looking forward to learning how to manipulate PDFs, since that's something I've been doing more often as I've had to scan in paper paystubs, and the online tools are a little unwieldy IMO.

Okay, I think that was a decent enough entry, and nothing else in popping into my head to write about, so I'm gonna post this, maybe clean my room for 15 minutes and irrigate my nose, and then hit the sack.
Tags: chbl, habitica, health, mental health, programming, python, roommates

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