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ARGH! Maybe 45 minutes ago I heard Codey leave his room and take his dirty bedding to the laundry room, as he does, and then go upstairs for a smoke, as he does. Maybe half an hour later I go upstairs to pour myself some cereal, and Codey's sitting there on the couch next to M with the TV off, and with overnight staff sleeping on the couch across from him. (According to her she had asked him if he wanted a cigarette when he came upstairs, and apparently he didn't, although a pack of his cigarettes was on the dining room table, perhaps in case he changed his mind, or perhaps she put out there earlier in case she fell asleep. IDK - not the point of this story anyway.)

So, I finish my cereal, and Codey and I go downstairs to where out bedrooms are. I happen to go into his room to mark off the days on his calendar until when I leave (for better or worse, I'd like him to understand that "our days are numbered), and realize not only has he not re-made his bed, but he also doesn't have any clean bedding where staff are supposed to put it. Staff KNOW that he needs to have clean bedding there when he goes on bed at night. Thankfully it turned out his bedding was in the dryer, with a load of normal clothes in the washer, but this was either a major failing of day staff and a minor failing of overnight staff in assuming day staff had taken care of this, or a day staff had passed down the laundry status and it was a major failing of overnight staff to not finish the job. Regardless, I don't think either today's day or overnight staff are being thorough about pass-down.

Anyway, I put Codey's dry bedding in his room so he could make his bed and go back to sleep, put the clothes from the washer into the dryer, and woke up overnight staff (which is quite a challenge - I had to resort to plugging her nose and closing her lips, although she awoke as soon as I touched her lips) to apprise her of the situation, and to let her know not to assume day staff did everything they needed to. I'll also be letting Diane know what happened on Monday morning.

Seriously, though, this kind of shit is why I hate it when staff sometimes gets resentful about me "telling them how to do their jobs". A) I've been hearing for over three years and most of you have been here less than a year, B) no-one's perfect and often when I say something it's meant as a suggestion that you may not have consider, and C) sometimes staff actually fuck up and their superiors aren't around to notice it, much less comment on it.

Blargh. I want to say "thank goodness I'll be gone soon", but I don't mean it for all sorts of reasons. I just hope that after I tell Diane about it on Monday, she'll make sure that shit doesn't happen again.
Tags: afc, codey, expanding horizons, heights house, staff

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